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Done-for-you landing pages that serve your clients’ pain points and focus on your goals.


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What is a landing page

…and why do I need one?

Landing pages are simply pages on your website that focus on one specific product, service, or goal. This is not the place to introduce multiple products or ideas, this is where you laser-focus on what your client needs and how you’ll meet that need with a clear call to action. An effective landing page communicates to people in your absence (you can’t be everywhere at once!)- people with a pain point will look for a solution no matter what, show them you are the clear solution.

Simply put, your landing page’s one purpose is to get the reader to act.


  • A “Coming Soon/Under Construction” -don’t let the lack of a website prevent you from connecting!

  • Promoting a specific product or service

  • Lead Captures/Opt-Ins (E-books, quizzes, printables, programs, templates, etc.)

  • Promoting an Event or Launch

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intentional design

Just like a website, landing page design needs to be intentional in order to convert. Your audiences’ time and information are valuable and it’s up to your design and content to build trust and galvanize action. When you are there for them and are committed to solving their problem with targeted solutions, relevant content, and intentional design, you will speak to the heart of your audience.

Your content IS worthy and important, make sure your landing page reflects it!


Package details:

Your custom Landing Page Design Package includes:

  • 1 Custom Design Concept with 3 Revisions

  • Call To Action Design, including forms, download links, external links

  • Email/Mailchimp Integration

  • Mobile-Responsive Design and Optimization

Investment starts at $99; additional charges apply for content creation/curation.

Landing pages are typically completed in 7 days; faster turnaround times are available, please reach out for more info.