Designer | Daydreamer 

Hey there!

My name is Sarah and I’m the pen and keyboard behind The Simple Flourish, A Bespoke Design Studio. What started as a calligraphy service has become so much more.

I have worked closely with couples and other vendors and have learned that the smallest details make the biggest difference. Whether it's going the (literal) extra mile to hand deliver an order or gold foil on handmade paper details, it's always the little things, guys. I have also come to appreciate the way so many small businesses pour into their clients, and I made the easy decision to pour back into them. I love the passion of the small business owner/solopreneur, how they put so much time and thought into their products and services, and how the client experience always, always comes first.

The Simple Flourish was created to do exactly that-help others flourish. I am passionate about helping others achieve their vision, whether that be through a clarified brand strategy, an elevated website, virtual administration, or custom calligraphy design (I still love weddings, guys!). You deserve a brand and digital presence that is as inspiring as your services.

Thank you so much for being here! Drop me a line or find me on social media, I can’t wait to connect!